Steven Universe is one of the level pack characters in LEGO Dimensions. He appears in the Story Pack for Steven Universe.

Hub World

Beach City


  • Laser Deflect
  • Mini Access
  • Magical Shield
  • Sword Switch 
  • Cracked LEGO walls
  • Fire Extinguish
  • Growth


  • "Cool! A real dinosaur!"
    -steven when riding the velociraptor
  • "Ready, lion?"
    -Steven when riding lion
  • "Let's just hope driving is as easy as it is in video games."
    -Steven when driving a vehicle
  • "The Crying Breakfast Friends marathon is starting! Gotta go!
    -Steven when leaving the game
  • "This feels WAY different than the warp pads!"
    -Steven when in the vortex
  • "This is so fuuun!"
    -Steven's second line when in the vortex