Spectahman is one of the franchises in LEGO Dimensions 2: The Second Mashup. It is based on the YouTube video series of the same name by Sam A113


The Spectahman is based on the YouTube series by Sam A113 (formerly Robot Connie Francis XCVII)

The Spectahman is a superhero who, along with his many friends (SIDEKICKS) he leads a life of luxury compared to his regular life. His name is Sam Slochin, he is twelve years old and-- wait, doesn't this sound like a Police Report? Or the first bit like a summary on a DirecTV Info File? Man, I'm a flicking superhero, all flicking right! Sam Slochin AFKA Spectahman! I have a duo of sisters, one bug eyed alien, a black version of the Red Hood, and a Blue Spiky haired girl who just happens to be my Future Girlfriend's sister as sidekicks! God, that's flicking all!

                                  -Sincerely Yours, Spectah flicking Man!


Spectahman Level Pack

Switch Blade Man and Scientist Team Pack

Officer Carter Fun Pack

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