Shrek is the main protagonist of the films of the same name. He appears in the Lego Dimensions Shrek Story Pack. Archive audio from Mike Myers is used for this character. His accessory is a lit torch.


  • Far Far Away
    • Shrek's Swamp
    • Duloc
    • Far Far Away Castle


  • Sonar Smash (Roars/Belches)
  • Super Strength
  • Super Strength Handles
  • Dive
  • Dig
  • Target (Throws bugs)
  • Illumination (Uses his torch)
  • Hazard Protection


  • "Alright, let's crash this party!" - first line when entering the game
  • "Oh, you were expecting Prince Charming!" - second line when entering the game
  • "Bye bye!  See ya later!" - first line when leaving the game
  • "I like my privacy!" - second line when leaving the game
  • "It's so good to be home" - when entering the Shrek world
  • "Alright, you're going the right way for a smacked bottom!" - when enemies appear
  • " head!" - after being respawned
  • "Jumpin' Jiminy!  That's a big one!" while riding a mech or meeting a giant character
  • "Ah, don't tell me you're afraid of ghosts!" -when meeting Peter Venkman/Abby Yates
  • "Are you getting the willies, the trembles, the shakes, THE HEEBY JEEBIES?!" - when meeting Scooby-Doo
  • "You need to work on your aim!" - when meeting Legolas/Green Arrow
  • "You are too easy to scare!" - when meeting Shaggy
  • "I see a rainbow pony!" - when meeting Unikitty
  • "(belches) 'Better out than in', I always say!" - when meeting Homer
  • "I think it was Shakespeare, or was it Kermit, who said, 'It's not easy being green.' I have to disagree; it's actually very easy to be green!" - when meeting The Mask or The Grinch
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