Luigi is a character from the Super Mario Bros. sub-franchise of the Nintendo franchise. He is included in the Super Smash Bros. Story Pack, along with Mario and the Mario Kart vehicle. He is from Year 3.


Luigi's appearance is based upon that of his 3D appearances, most specifically Luigi's Mansion and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.


  • "It's-a me, Luigi!" (Luigi pronounced "Weegie") - Luigi's first line when entering the game.
  • "It's-a Luigi time!" - Luigi's second line when entering the game.
  • "Luigi is number one!" - Luigi's line when collecting a Mini-kit or a gold brick.
  • "Okay." - Luigi's only idle dialogue.
  • "Mario?" - Luigi's interaction dialogue with Mario.
  • "Oh no-hoho!" - Luigi's interaction dialogue with any villain character, as well as his first line when inside of a vortex.
  • "Waaah-oo!" - Luigi;s second line when inside of a vortex.
  • "Woah." - Luigi's respawn dialogue
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