The first Level of LEGO Dimensions 2: Tandem Trouble.

Level Name

Herede in Ventum


The Level Begins on the Land of wind and shade, where John has most of the powers that you require to pass. Three minikit pieces in this segment, requires: Fix it to unlock a section where a minikit is located (Puzzle requires you to navigate a maze and use a Sword Switch), rainbow brick destruction to open a chest and opening 12 mailboxes scattered around. Neptune is not playable in this chapter the first time you play it.

Phase 2 is a climb to the top of the tower fighting many different types of enemies. no minikits here. once you reach the top of the tower, a cutscene will play, showing John and Korra near John's Questbed, before being forcibly ejected to Republic City.

Phase 3 is an exploration of Republic City, which holds 4 minikits and a miniboss of



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