Lady Diana The Avengers 1960s

Lady Diana Forbes-Blakeney is a character from The Avengers 1960s (Franchise) who is playable in LEGO Dimensions.


Lady Diana was a newly recruited Ministry Agent who only appeared in the episode of Series 6 called "Killer". With Tara King on holiday, John Steed briefly teamed up with her to destroy an evil Supercomputer called R.A.M.E.K. which they successfully did.

Dimensions Crisis


The Avengers

  • 1960s London
  • John Steed's Apartment
  • Emma Peel's house
  • Tara King's House
  • The Ministry HQ
  • Enemy Hideout




  • She is voiced by Jennifer Croxton who played her in her only episode. She reprises her role in the game.
  • Unlike the TV show, in the game she now has a much larger role and more Screen time.
  • Just like Venus Smith and Dr. Martin King she only appeared in only 1 series of the show.  
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