Kaos is the main villain of the Skylanders games and a playable character in Lego Dimensions. He comes in the Kaos Fun Pack, and his vehicle is the Doom Jet, which can be rebuilt into TBA and Robo-Kaos. He is voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz.


  • Magic
  • Mini Access
  • Lego Constructs (Mind Magic)
  • Mind Control (Mind Magic)
  • Sword Switches (Mind Magic Sword)
  • Vine Cut (Mind Magic Sword)
  • Targeting (Mind Magic Ninja Star)
  • Silver Lego Blowup (Mind Magic Bazooka)
  • Magic Portals
  • Portal Gun
  • Tardis Travel
  • Cursed Red Lego Objects
  • Element Change
  • Laser (Fire)
  • Melt Ice (Fire)
  • Plant Growth (Water)
  • Water Spray (Water)
  • Hazard Cleaner (Water)
  • Atlantis Elemental (Water)
  • Freeze (Water)
  • Dive (Water)
  • Heart Regen (Life)
  • Illumination (Light)
  • Ghost Suspend (Undead)
  • Ghost Trap (Undead)
  • Tracking (Tech)
  • Relic Detection (Tech)
  • Technology (Tech)
  • Hacking (Tech)
  • Fix-It (Tech)
  • Dig (Earth)
  • Big Transform (Turns into Super Kaos)
  • Super Strength (Super Kaos)
  • Super Strength Handles (Super Kaos)
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