Futurama is one of the franchises in LEGO Dimensions 2 The Second Mashup. It is based on the 1999-2013 series of the same name.


  • Fry Level Pack
    • Phillip J Fry
      • Planet Express Spaceship
      • Holoscope
  • Zoidberg and Bender team pack
    • Dr. Zoidberg
    • Turanga Leela
      • Dumpster Car
      • Nibbler
  • Bender fun Pack
    • Bender Bending Rodriguez
      • Bend Pad


Space Pilot 3000*

The Series has Landed*

Two episodes merged into one level*


This is the second franchise in the game created by Matt Greoning

  • The second is the Simpsons

A Bart Simpson doll makes a cameo as an object in the Space Pilot 3000 portion of the game. When you hit it, is says his famous catchpraise, "Eat my shorts!"

  • This is the first time Bart speaks.

In the scene where the Planet Express kick Fry out by pushing the couch, After Fry and Bender jump off the couch add the Planet Express crew take it back, Seymour can be seen under it looking for him, he misses Fry and Goes back under the couch.

This is the second Level to be based on two episodes of a series.

  • the second is Adventure Time
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