• CandyLord5

    merge with Lego fannonpedia

    September 17, 2020 by CandyLord5

    i think it would be better to merge into a broader wiki

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  • 15804aaa

    Hi I am starting my new Lego DImensions Series ideas called Lego DImensions 2: Eletric Boogaloo it will have 40 levels this time just to make the gameplay more longer due to many new franchises.

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  • Magica43


    May 19, 2018 by Magica43

    So I just arrived and spent my time making a post. feel free to review it.

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  • Zombiehunter115

    New Guy

    September 17, 2017 by Zombiehunter115

    Hi.  I'm new.  However I'm no stranger to these types of wiki's.  The one's where you can write your own fan fiction.  I'm just gonna jump right in and add some of my own ideas.  Looking forward to editing with you guys.

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  • Tonygameman


    January 22, 2017 by Tonygameman

    Kratos is a playable character in Lego Dimensions, from the God of War franchise. He comes in a God of War Fun Pack. His personal vehicle is Kart of Chaos, which can be rebuilt into God Destroyer and Pandora's Jet.

    • Grapple
    • Glide (Icarus Wings)
    • Laser Deflection (Golden Fleece)
    • Rage Meter (Rage of the Sparta)
    • Weapon/Magic Switch
      • Poseidon's Trident
        • Underwater Swimming
        • Water Spray
      • Medusa's Gaze
        • Freeze Breath (Stone)
      • Zeus' Fury
        • Electricity
      • Army of Hades
        • Drone (Soul Summon)
      • Spear of Destiny
        • Silver Lego Blowup
      • Nemean Cestus
        • Super Strength
        • Super Strength Handles
      • Bow of Apollo
        • Target
      • Head of Helios
        • Illumination
      • Boots of Hermes
        • Super Speed
      • Blade of Olympus
        • Invulnerability
        • Heart Regeneration
        • Laser
        • Sword Switches

    • Kratos is voiced by Terrence C. Carson who voiced him in every God of…

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  • Ian678

    I found this on Eurobricks. Brilliant idea and one I can definitely see happening since the show is now 40 years old.

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  • Surtatb2007

    Massive Collaboration

    November 7, 2016 by Surtatb2007

    I think it would be really cool if lots of people would work together on a new version of LEGO Dimensions. Comment if you want to help.

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  • Trailblazer101

    I was just curious to see what other people wanted to see in LEGO Multiverse, so give me ideas and I'll see what I might like to add! Please leave a message in the comments below! Every idea may not get added into the game, but we'll see what happens!

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  • JeagerEX12

    I know it is free to include characters that are based on real-life people as your ideas for LEGO Dimensions, but we only accept those that are famous and they are not criminals such as The Beatles, Abe Lincoln (Since the LEGO Movie), and Albert Einstein (Which he made a cameo in BTTF world).

    Now, I saw someone who created some pages that are real-life people who are criminals which is a NO NO for LEGO Dimensions especially Osama, Dahmer, and Gacy. Those kind of topics that I saw are inappropriate and its against the rules here.

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  • JeagerEX12

    Here's a list of franchise ideas that should not be featured in LEGO Dimensions in the future due to some reasons, but this is not official.

    NOTE: I only include rejected franchises to LEGO Dimensions in this blog that are violent, inappropriate, graphic, controversial, religious and offensive which are against the LEGO Policy, but I removed some franchises that saying competitors, everything from Disney and Nickelodeon (To be honest if they want them to put, please let them), licensed by other brands (MEGA Bloks, Kre-O, K'Nex, others), foreign franchises, and some pointless things such as saying too girly and boring in this blog post. Now, calling each franchise that should not in LEGO Dimensions with some stupid and pointless things like …

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  • WC Sunamaru

    Two Weird Wikis

    August 8, 2016 by WC Sunamaru

    I made two weird wikis to test the ropes of running a wiki. These are the bizzare results.

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  • Stefano iulli
    • Portal
    1. The ending song jokingly and mockingly references Black Mesa. Songwriter Jonathan Coulton also namedrops another of his popular songs, "I Feel Fantastic".Black Mesa is also referenced in several slide shows left running in staff areas that are accessible or at least you can see into easily.
    2. Doug Rattmann's den in the Companion Cube level also contains a rather well-hidden shout out to Isaac Asimov's short story "Escape". His dens all have some poems altered to include cubes and the like. Here is a full list of the graffiti drawings.
    3. Delicious and moist" cake was originally a joke in Psychonauts.
    4. In the testing room for military androids, GLaDOS's dialogue implies that robots and androids are programmed with a belief in "Android Hell" in…
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  • Stefano iulli
    • Back in the future
    1. Perhaps a little bit sillier, but there is no more uncomfortable situation than having to try and curtail your teenage mother's persistent sexual advances.
    2. The scene where Marty almost fades from existence. Seriously, just imagine what it would feel like to see your own hand fade away and realize that this is the end. And since you're being erased from existence, not killed, that means if there is an afterlife, you're not going to it, because your consciousness and all your memories will be non-existent. Thetense music in that scene really does help to sell the horror of it all.Bad enough that you fade completely away from time and memory, the fact that you go through the worst pain you've ever felt in your life adds to it…
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  • Ian678

    Here are some playable character interactions quotes I came up with or either liked from my favourite films or tv shows.

    • "Catwoman why are... Oh sorry  Maam, I thought you were an old enemy of mine"  - Batman's line when seeing Emma Peel.

    •    "Steed!"  '- Emma Peel's line when seeing John Steed

    • "Cybernaut?"  - Emma Peel's line when seeing Cyberman.


    •     "Mrs. Peel, we're needed". -John Steed's line when seeing Emma Peel

    • "Tara!!!". - John Steed's line when seeing Tara King

    •   "Mrs. Gale!" - John Steed's line when seeing Cathy Gale 

    • "Oh Steed!" - Tara King's line when seeing John Steed

    • How are you, Steed?  - Cathy Gale's line when seeing John Steed

     *   "Purdey?" - John Steed and Mike Gambit's line to Purdey    

    • John Steed and Emma Peel" how wonderful to meet you a…

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  • Ian678

    Main ones: The Avengers TV Show (Not MARVEL) and The Beatles

    2. Charlie's Angel's (1970s one)

    3. Primeval

    4. Thunderbirds Are Go

    5. Captain Scarlet

    6. The X Files

    7. The Green Hornet (1960s one)

    8. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (1960s TV Show Version)

    9. Doctor Who: every version of the Master

    10. Flash Gordon (1980 Film)

    11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    12. Agent Cody Banks

    13. The Adventures Of Tintin

    14. Batman 1966

    15. The Sarah Jane Adventures

    16. Top Gun

    17. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

    18. AirWolf

    19. Willy Wonka Gene Wilder

    20. Magnum P.I. 

    21. Danger Mouse

    22. Starsky and Hutch

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  • WC Sunamaru

    This is not an actual blog post. I simply posted this so I could get a badge.

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  • WC Sunamaru

    Hello, World!

    June 17, 2016 by WC Sunamaru
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  • Trainguy111

    These are ideas for quotes Bart should use in Lego Dimensions should TT games decide to give him some dialog. All this is based on a forum I did on the official Lego website.

    "Woah, mama!" -When Bart sees Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Wyldstyle, Chell, and Nya.

    "Cowabunga, dude!" -when riding the hoverboard

    "Nope." -when Bart is unable to solve a puzzle

    "I'm outta here." -when Bart leaves

    "Eat my shorts." -when fighting

    "Shouldn't you be at work?" -Bart when he sees Homer

    "Look at that hunk-a-junk!" -Bart when riding the dalek

    "I'm Bart Simpson." -when Bart enters the game

    "Oww! Quit it!" -when revived

    Bart: Hey, wait. How can you be here when your show's on live?

    Krusty: Ah, I just threw on an old rerun. No one will know the difference.

    -when Bart sees Kr…

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  • Ian678

    I just found this fantastic news article about the Beatles Yellow Submarine LEGO Ideas project.  First Ghostbusters Ecto 1 30th Anniversary set, then Back To The Future Delorean and recently Doctor Who were all LEGO Ideas projects and all got 10,000 likes and were successfully made and are now playable in LEGO Dimensions. Please LEGO put the greatest Rock Band of all time and the Yellow Submarine in the game please!!!!!. Also please make it a Level Pack and not a story pack so I easily purchase it. Every Beatles site in Liverpool and the Beatles Story are definitely going to stock and sell this.…

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  • Ian678

    Here are some of my ideas for LEGO Dimensions for Red Brick unlocks in LEGO Dimensions. Some of these I did rip off from other people. I apologise for this but they are very great ideas.

    • Cat Suits & Bowler Hats: All Female Characters wear Cat Suits whilst all Male characters wear Bowler Hats.

    • Alien Masks: All characters wear Alien masks.

    • Dino Outfits:  All characters wear Dinosaur outfits.

    • Virtually Indestructible: All Hero characters become Invincible (except for Superman, Supergirl, Gamer Kid and Wonder Woman who already are)

    • International Rescue We Have a situation: Citizen In Peril Detector.

    • We're Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: All Characters wear Sgt Pepper suits.

    • Santa Hats: Gives all Characters Santa hats.

    • Stan Specs: Gives all Characters Gl…

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  • Ian678

    If you want to know if it's a possibility we might see Scully and Mulder in LEGO Dimensions then take a look at this.

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  • Ian678

    Please if you're a Tintin fan please support this brilliant little project on LEGO Ideas. I so want to see him and all the gang make it in the game.

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